Etherdecode ethernet protocol decoder

Realtime 100Mbit ethernet triggering and decoding, for use with a mixed-signal oscilloscope or logic analyser.
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Future developments

The current product has been produced as a small initial batch to test the market. if successful it will be redesigned to fit a small case for a neater product.

Gigabit ethernet is a possible future development, however an issue is that the parallel data would be coming out at 125MHz, so only a fast scope/analyser would cope. A possible solution to this would be to incorporate some internal memory to buffer packets and output them at a slower rate. This would have limitations on packet frequency etc. from the available buffer size, but may still be useful.

|If the primary use turns out to be triggering, then a trigger-only version without decode functionality may be a possibility.



Etherdecode is a product of White Wing Logic

This all started when I was developing a device using the Wiznet W5500 ethernet peripheral.
See this video for background and intial development.